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The German education system is based on schooling provided by public and state institutions. Private schools play a less important role. With about 200 schools and numerous adult education institutions and facilities for inter-company specialist training, Duisburg offers a comprehensive range of educational and training opportunities.

Reference: Duisburg/Essen University
To be particularly recommended is the municipal Landfermann upper secondary school which offers bilingual teaching to the pupils from their 5th year at school (foreign language English).

The bilingual stream at the Landfermann upper secondary school  was set up in 1991. During the current school year 14 of the 26 classes of secondary level I are in the bilingual stream:

"The pupils are to be provided with a reliable command of the English language going beyond the previous limits, as a result of which it is made easier for them to study or to undergo vocational training at home or abroad. Today a good knowledge of English is absolutely essential not only in science, but also in business life… The pupils of our bilingual stream in the course of the 5th to 10th school years already receive a total of about 1670 hours teaching in English, which is approximately 80 per cent more than the 912 hours in the normal stream. This naturally leads to a markedly higher linguistic competence....“ (Reference: Landfermann upper secondary school, web site, 2004)

Landfermann Gymnasium
(Landfermann upper secondary school) 
Mainstraße 10
D-47051 Duisburg
Phone: + 49 203 36 35 40
Fax: + 49 203 36 35 425

Bilingual teaching (English) is also offered by:
Städtisches Franz-Haniel-Gymnasium
D-47198 Duisburg

Städtisches Reinhard- und-Max-Mannesmann Gymnasium 
D-47259 Duisburg

Bischöfliches Abtei-Gymnasium
D-47166 Duisburg 

Further information about the German education system published by the Economic Development Corporation North Rhine-Westphalia (EDC NRW) you find on the download area below.

The German education system, "Investor's guide", EDC NRW, 2004 (5771 KB)
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Schools with bilingual teaching in Germany
Landfermann upper secondary school

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